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diners, crypto, comedy, and storyselling
I’ve been thinking about music. And pictures (saving that rabbit-hole for next time). I usually can’t work while having a song playing in the background…
(1000 x 24 frames/sec x time in seconds ?)
Hey there, if you missed hearing from me, apologies for the break. If you were happy not to hear from me, apologies for ending the break. Since we were…
I’ll keep this short lest I get a bad rap… This is my last mail on the book-launch. From the next mail later this month, we’ll return to our regular…
I’m back :) (still copyrighted to Schwarzenegger) The reaction to the book has been good so far. While that may be biased by the initial friends and…
July 14, 2020 That’s the day I wrote the first word of this version of Name, Place, Animal, Thing. It’s 206 days since then. Over six months of words…
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